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Ftm tumblr pics

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Just that my crappy memory is… well, crappy. Lesbian pictures sex. Just look what they did to the idea of some people's illnesses and disabilities. Ftm tumblr pics. I follow a lot of gnc and otherwise queer people, but as soon as the shitty discourse rears its head I unfollow.

I collect dolls, and even the damned doll collecting community ball jointed ones, to be exact is all over one another, degrading and ripping each other apart with anon and anon confession blogs, and some just straight up being all around shitty or frequent scammers. Masculinity in general seems to be frowned upon - I've seen maybe a handful, if that, of positivity posts for femme transmasculine people, but anyone remotely masculine and male identified is immediately spewing "toxic masculinity".

Inverted-T, plus axillary liposuction, 6 months post-op. Pictures of masturbating women. I've never posted a picture of myself on Tumblr. Also, it has a lot more room for actual meaningful conversation in the comments. Some people are intolerant, and the anonymity of the internet can bring out the worst in people same applies to parts of Reddit too, or other site comment sections , give someone something to hide behind and concept of treating others nicely can go out the window.

Honestly, I feel like tumblr is what you make of it. The whole name-and-shame business with Tumblr and the cis-bashing just gives the community a bad name. Yes, many of them are, actually. And it makes it harder to be taken seriously in the real world at least, that's what I've experienced.

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And we'd never have talked to others like I've seen on there, not even anonymously. Hot girls selfie tumblr. I mostly avoid the whole tumblr trans community for the same reasons these days, only following people who just happen to be trans or post hard fact.

I mean i know not all of us feel dysphoria and transitioning itselfs a choice ultimately but i know dysphoria stress was worse pre t and im just wrapping up week 1. The first photo was already in weight loss process and had lost a lot of body fat one day post an older. Tumblr gave me access to a diverse collection of voices and perspectives that was missing from my almost entirely white upper-middle class upbringing. Ftm tumblr pics. On the other hand, we don't talk all that much about trans stuff other than the occasional mention.

That's part of what's so sad. I know the xKit guy, and many other users, where someone made up complete bs about them, but because tumblr isnt set up to let you see what other people have said very well, they hounded these people and drove them off the site with threats.

And it makes it harder to be taken seriously in the real world at least, that's what I've experienced. It's nice to see some of the younger generation interested in learning theory, but it needs to be mellowed with both experience and compassion to be effective.

They could do with a little John Stuart Mill as could everybody, I reckon. Mature women with young men tumblr. I think the worst part is that they represent us. You are about to view a page that contains content of an adult nature. The post was pretty specific to me, obviously, and I wasn't trying to make some point about trans politics, but I got at least five or six anon messages saying the post was transphobic and "I'm lucky I pass".

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I completely agree with you. It's just different camps of young, ignorant assholes who think all opinions are worthy of praise and respect. I never received any hate on there for being a trans guy and still don't it's mentioned in my "about" page. I agree, I think Tumblr is the same as any other site with no moderation. You don't know me and you have no idea what I go through.

Filter by post type All posts. Ftm tumblr pics. My dad takes me to my gender clinic appointments now, a year ago he didn't even know what trans meant. I didn't remember my tumblr password or email so I signed out for good. Naked nigeria women. Give it a year or two, more realistically accurate. It is crazy to see that 1 year ago I was other person in the way to see things, I realized I had to change my thoughts before even see any change.

In fact I have some awesome trans guy friends on there that I met through the fact that we post similar content I post 70s music related content.

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